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Death Run Rules


Death Run Rules

No hacking/scripting of any kind.

No Mic spamming.

No spamming through out the chat.

Racism is allowed but don't abuse it.

Obey the staff member.

No credit/server item trading for steam or any items that cost money.

if a staff member is abusing, do not try to take them on by your self. report them on the forums.

Do not staff disrespect.

Do not team switch, from CT to T or from T to CT. The only switch is if both parties, (1 from t, 1 from ct) agree to switch, then a staff member may switch them.

Do not abuse your VIP or Admin powers, use common sense.

Do not ghost where a player is or which door is a trap (ghosting is only allowed if the last member is AFK)

Do not delay, delaying only counts if the delaying party.

Do not try to loop hole any of these rules by thinking a way around them.

No fake freeruns.

Do not trap spam. (activate traps when there is no one there)

Do not target a certain player on the course as a activator.

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