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In Game Name : Dossr

Your Steam ID :STEAM_0:0:186185045

Age : 14

What experience, if any, do you have with staff positions? : I have had experience with moderating chat server, minecraft server, and a csgo server. 

What time zone do you live in? PST

Why do you feel as if you deserve this position? : I feel I deserve this position, because when I am on the server, I see a few people complaining and there happens to be no staff on, I would like to change that and make sure that atleast 1 mod/admin is on at weird times of the day.

How many hours a day do you plan on putting into the server? : 1-2 hours

Your Discord ID: War#3786


Hello brother

I would like to have you on board but due to some reasons I will have to decline for now:
 - Lack of hours on the server
 - Gotta talk more my guy get friendly with the people its a bit harder since I don't hear you talk its okay if you type but just help out if someone needs anything Smile
I mean those are the two main ones but if you work on that I would like to have you as a mod

If you would like to make another application please wait a week from now (10/26/18) to do so thanks

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